Looking for First-Class Political and Corporate Research?

Opposition Research & Messaging

Public record search for opponent vulnerabilities and message crafting.

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Research on candidate and internal team to discover any vulnerabilities.

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Staff, Donor, & Appointee Vetting

Vetting of staff, donors and appointees to catch vulnerabilities before the competition.

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Local, State & National Campaigns

We have worked with campaigns on every level all over the country to equip them with the research they need to be successful. This includes self-research, opposition research and rapid response.

Public Policy Advocacy

We have worked with numerous issue advocacy groups and non-profits to utilize research to advocate and advance progressive policies and causes.

For-Profit Corporations

Corporations have a diverse set of research needs. We have worked with corporations large and small on opposition research, fact-checking, proxy fights, & Board and executive vetting.

Political Action Committees

We have worked with numerous state and national political action committees to create research for paid media campaigns and rapid response.

To help businesses and campaigns access research that
keeps them ahead of the competition.


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